Lucid Variations

Thu 24 Oct - Fri 20 Dec
Thu 24 Oct ’24
Fri 20 Dec ’24

With the return of Folkå (2021), created in collaboration with the dancers of NDT 2, we get another chance to experience Marcos Morau’s distinct narrative and aesthetic


Marcos Morau: FOLKÅ

A pulsating visual and auditory landscape, the work tells an evocative story about community and its customs and traditions. It presents a ritual for our time, where looking to the past reminds us of our place in the endless cycle of life and we celebrate mankind’s relationship to nature.

In Nadav Zelner’s new work, his passion for dance and music comes together in a complex choreography that inspires the artistic virtuosity of the dancers. The work lets us experience the rich, percussive language of movement Zelner has developed and honed, and offers glimpses into the creation of a new dance style that invites audiences into a daring and delightful world full of wonder. 

Voorafgaand aan alle voorstellingen vindt om 19:00 een inleiding plaats in de Spinozafoyer.