Open House revisited

Last weekend we were able to welcome over 5000 visitors to Amare! Even though the building is not entirely finished on the inside, you came in great numbers to have a look and get a feel. 

Amare for the very first time opened its doors to the public during The Hague’s UIT Festival on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 September. Everyone was welcome to walk in and out and to discover the building with a Do-it-Yourself tour or a free guided tour. Juni Lekkernijen offered refreshments, there was coffee, you could buy tickets and obtain information from Amare’s four resident companies. And there were previews of the 21/22 season to enjoy in Nieuwe Kerk.

On these beautiful sunny afternoons, visitors even queued up on Spuiplein to enter Amare! Once inside, many took the escalator up to discover the Concertzaal or Danstheater. Some of you were fortunate enough to witness a public rehearsal by the Residentie Orkest, or you could try out various seats in anticipation of the coming season.

We very much enjoyed all your enthusiasm and everything you shared with us on social media. Revisit these wonderful days with the photographs below!