An evening with James Bond

© Wouter Vellekoop

Tuesday 29 November was a night to remember. Amare was entirely enthralled by James Bond: the MI6 agent that many of us know will know from the silver screen.  

James Bond is indeed a household name. Over the years, the character of James Bond has been played by various famous actors, from Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. And soon another illustrious name is likely to join the list. 

Familiar fixtures of James Bond films include Bond girls, martinis ‘shaken not stirred’, fast cars and megalomaniac enemies. But the music scores have also captured the hearts of many cinema-goers. The theatre concert titled The Music from James Bond featured the most iconic songs from Bond films.  The performers Dorona Alberti (Gare du Nord), Tim Akkerman (formerly of DI-RECT) and the Metropole Orkest took the audience on a musical trip full of espionage and glamour. 

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