Individual giving

Amare is more than just a theatre. It is a home for young and emerging talent and for renowned artists from The Hague and far beyond. Together we are building a house that inspires through performing arts from all cultures. With your help, we are able to create a stage that belongs to everyone, where professional performers and students can shine alike! Discover how you can support Amare: 

Tax benefits

Supporting Amare can be financially favourable, as your donation entitles you to a tax benefit. An ANBI (public benefit institution) is exempt from gift tax. Your donation is therefore deductible from your income or corporate tax. A donation to a cultural ANBI may be increased by 25%. The deductible amount depends on the type of gift and on your personal tax rate. 

Ordinary donation
For ordinary donations, the deductible amount is subject to a threshold and a ceiling. The threshold amount is 1% of your total taxable income. This threshold must first be subtracted from your donation (increased by 25%). The remaining amount can be deducted from your income tax, to a maximum amount of 10% of your income. 

Periodic donation
You receive a higher tax benefit if you conclude a periodic donation agreement for at least five years. You can deduct this donation from your income tax annually, without a threshold or ceiling amount. It means that a periodic donation can be deducted for 125% from your tax income. Are you interested in this option? Then contact us to discuss it further! 

Calculation example for an ordinary donation of 750 (with a threshold amount of 350):

  • € 750  x 125% = € 937.50  is the total amount of your donation
  • € 937.50 - 350* = € 587.50 is the tax deductible amount
  • € 587.50 x 36.97* = € 217.20 is your tax benefit
  • € 750 - € 217 = € 533 is the net cost of your donation

Calculation example for a periodic donation of € 750:

  • € 750 x 125% = € 937.50 is the tax deductible amount
  • € 937.50 x 36.97%* = € 346.59 is your tax benefit
  • € 750 - € 346.59 = € 403 is the net cost of your donation

Please note: this calculation example does not take account of your personal situation, but the calculation tool does.

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