Looking back on Alice in Escherland

Christmas in Amare was entirely dedicated to Alice in Escherland by De Dutch Don't Dance Division in coproduction with Amare. It's a wrap, but luckily we still have the photos!

The optical illusions and symmetry of the famous works by M.C. Escher (1898-1972) come to life both in the decor and in the choreographies of Alice in Escherland. Between December 23 and 29, Amare was completely dedicated to this unique production, which was performed exclusively in Amare.

The Escher anniversary year was the perfect moment for De Dutch Don't Dance Division and Amare to reprise the legendary production Alice in Escherland. In 2018, this production was already a great success in Zuiderstrandtheater and now again the performance provided sold-out halls and a very enthusiastic audience.

Photographer Menno van der Meer made a beautiful report of which we would like to give you an impression here:

Decor and costumes

The way in which the work of the graphic artist Escher has been brought to life in the decor and costumes definitely deserves a special mention. And a special photo series:

Behind the scenes

In addition to the professional dancers from De Dutch Don't Dance Division, many amateur dancers also participated in Alice in Escherland. Behind the scenes it was teeming with participants. Here is a small impression of the liveliness behind the scenes:

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