Little Amal: Education

A very special little girl came to The Hague: Little Amal! 
One important part of Amal’s visit is the inspiring educational programme for primary and secondary education.

Primary & Secondary Education Lesson Brief

Download the free lesson and discover the story behind Little Amal with your class. In a playful manner, pupils learn about serious and current topics like migration, welcoming others and feeling at home. 

Length: dependent on level and age, minimum 1 hour
Required materials: markers, pens, interactive whiteboard and printed lesson briefs
Location: classroom, with supervision by teacher
Download the Welcome Amal lesson package here!

Welcome Amal Lesson Brief (in Dutch) - DOWNLOAD
Lesson brief about migration & welcoming others

Teacher's guide (in Dutch) - DOWNLOAD
Teacher’s guide for the Welcome Amal lesson brief!

The lessons were developed by Good Chance Theatre and are designed for a wide range of pupils, with specific activities and assignments for a variety of ages. The recommended age groups are: children ages 5-7 (SMALL), children ages 7-11 (MEDIUM) and children ages 11-16 (LARGE).

This is indicated in the guide.

We hope you enjoy the Welcome Amal lesson!

Did your pupils create something special or beautiful? Share it with Little Amal! Post photos and videos of your creations on social media and tag @walkwithamal with #actsofwelcome #LittleAmal #Amaredenhaag and who knows – you might just be included in the online gallery.

Or share your creations with us at

Want to do more with Amal for your pupils?

Secondary Education
Serious Game – The Great Migration Game | Developed by Leiden University’s Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs 
The Great Migration Game challenges pupils to step into the shoes of various agents in migration streams. The pupils are challenged to make choices that determine the fate of migrants. The purpose of the game is to determine how many migrants actually make it to Europe. 

Level: variants for lower years and upper years
Length: 1.5 - 2 hours
Location: at school or at Leiden University’s Wijnhaven campus in The Hague 
Supervision: students of Leiden university
Expenses: no expenses. Leiden University and Amare are organising this game free of charge. Capacity is limited, so sign up quickly!
The Great Migration Game can be scheduled starting from Monday 25 October

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Want to do more with Amal for your pupils? 

Good Chance Theatre has developed four other lesson briefs.

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