Art in Amare: the mural 'Form'

You may have noticed the unique mural gracing the walls of the Amare Studio, the Residentie Orkest’s rehearsal room.

The artwork is titled Form, and was inspired by the architecture of the Amare building. In the words of the artists, it is “an exploration of the essence of Amare - the interplay between sound, movement and visuals which house within the walls of the building.”

Musical, dance and theatre performances all centre around reactions to sound or motion, and the mural seeks to capture this in visual form. The work reveals the directionality of melodies, the composition of rhythms and the dynamics of sound as they move through the space. 

Optical illusion

This abstract visualisation of what goes on within Amare’s walls invites the viewer to experience the interplay of motion and sound as an optical illusion. As you move from one side to the other, the image transforms, revealing new angles and perspectives. You are pulled into the picture –as if you are able to peek behind the building’s walls.


You might remember the iconic black-and-white mural that adorned the side of Lucent Danstheater for many years (from 2017 on). That mural was created by the same artists, who go by the name Bier en Brood. In 2022, Lucent Danstheater was demolished to make room for Amare, and the mural went down with it. That makes it all the more special that Amare now boasts a new mural by Bier and Brood, also executed in black-and-white.

About the artists

Bier en Brood is an artist duo from Rotterdam consisting of Koen Harmsma and Jelmer Noordeman. “As Bier en Brood, we seek to push the boundaries of visual art by converting intricate computer-generated designs into physical forms. It’s not just about aesthetics: it is about challenging the perception of reality and exploring the possibilities of human imagination.” You can see more of their murals on their Instagram page.

The mural Form was placed in February 2023 on the outer walls of the Amare Studio on the third floor.

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