New fountain symbolises what Amare wants to be

© Carlijn Stortelder

Amare has recently gained a beautiful new fountain – a large green and yellow wonder that adorns the entrance hall and flows with refreshing Dunea water. This piece of art is a gift from the Moroccan community to Amare and all residents of The Hague.

The free drinking water that this fountain provides represents the hospitality of the Mediterranean. As such, the fountain is a gift to all the people of The Hague. “The fountain symbolises exactly what Amare, as a cultural venue, wants to be: a meeting place that was created with the support of all the communities in the city, who continue to help define what Amare is every day,” says Jan Zoet, director of Amare. 

Initiative and design

The fountain is the result of an initiative by Mohammed Benabbou and Marko Fehres, and was hand-crafted in Fez and Tétouan (Morocco) based on a design by Aziz Bekkaoui. “The fountain represents such themes as connectedness and hospitality,” says Bekkaoui. “The job suited me right down to the ground. I grew up in two different cultures, and I love both of them.” The fountain was created from mosaic tiles that were crafted using centuries-old techniques. The green and yellow colour scheme references not only the flag of The Hague, but is also found in the designs of the architect Berlage (Haags Kunstmuseum) and Moroccan architecture. In short, this combination of colours brings together different cultures within The Hague. 

Hague water for everyone

There is more: the fountain also flows with free drinking water for everyone. This not only symbolises Mediterranean hospitality, but also emphasises the fountain’s status as a gift to all people of The Hague. All passers-by are welcome to fill their water bottles for free, courtesy of Dunea, the company that has provided the people of The Hague with fresh, reliable drinking water for almost 150 years. “As a drinking water company, we are a crucial part of society, so we are always looking to connect with social values such as culture and education,” says Wim Drossaert, director of Dunea. “I hope that Amare’s visitors will be able to enjoy the wonderful dune water from this fountain for many years to come.”

The official opening of the fountain will take place on 15 September, but you are welcome to have a peek before then. Come feast your eyes and slake your thirst!

Season 22/23 in Amare:

Dao Lu

Dao Lu

Fire Dragon Den Haag

Elke donderdag om 12.30 uur
Thu 1 Dec '22 - Thu 26 Jan '23
  • Open Amare
Guided tours in Amare

Guided tours in Amare

Dutch Spoken

Sat 19 Nov '22 - Mon 1 May '23
A Christmas Carol (6+)

A Christmas Carol (6+)

De Dutch Don't Dance Division, Residentie Orkest en Amare

Sun 25 Dec '22 - Thu 29 Dec '22
  • no Dutch required
  • Amare Friends-korting

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