Play Amare's piano

Did you know that there's a new piano in Amare? And that piano is asking you to play it! Take a seat and fill the building with your wonderful tunes. 

The piano is located next to the reception area on the groud level. When you enter the building via the entrance near Turfmarkt, you will immediately see the piano! The best thing about our piano is that anyone can play! From the classics to modern pop songs, you decide what's on the set list. 

The piano is part of Open Amare, our free program aimed at channeling The Hague's creative energy into Amare's public spaces. Do you need to release your creative juices? Then please play us a song! 

Season 22/23 in Amare

Dao Lu

Fire Dragon Den Haag

Elke donderdag om 12.30 uur
Thu 2 Feb '23 - Thu 30 Mar '23

Guided tours in Amare

Dutch Spoken

Sat 19 Nov '22 - Sat 25 Feb '23



Open Amare
Mon 26 Sep '22 19:00 - 20:00

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