2021 Camille Saint-Saëns

In 2021, the Februari Festival saw its first summer edition, as the corona measures forced us to reschedule it for June and July. This edition celebrated one of the most popular French composers, Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921). In a varied and refreshing manner, visitors were introduced to a selection of both famous and unknown highlights from his oeuvre. The festival thereby put right the astonishing anomaly that just five or so of this composer’s works are generally known.


Some thirty musicians participated in the five-day festival. A special role was reserved for celebrity violinist Simone Lamsma, who shared the stage with pianist Thomas Beijer and cellist Quirine Viersen, among others. Pianists Nicolas van Poucke and Alexander Ullman, violist Dana Zemtsov and violinist Jeroen Dupont also enchanted the audience with bewitching performances.

Overview of musicians & ensembles

Simone Lamsma | Richard Egarr | Alexandra Nepomnyaschchaia | Quirine Viersen | Geerten van de Wetering | Matthijs Koene | Floor Le Coultre | Tim Brackman | Elisa Karen Tavenier | Pieter de Koe | Jeroen Dupont | Pieter van Loenen | Coraline Groen | Peter Nilsson | Arthur Ancelle & Ludmila Berlinskaya | Ella van Poucke | Thomas Beijer | Nicolas van Poucke | Malevich Piano Quartet | Andrey Roszyk | Dana Zemtsov | Alexander Ullman | Floris Onstwedder | Marion Dumeige | James Oesi | Max Douw | Eline van Esch | Arno Stoffelsma | Roger Cramers | Sepp Grotenhuis | Arno Stoffelsma | Renate Arends


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