Flute players from India

Shashank Subramanyam & Pravin Godkhindi - Musical dialog between northern & southern Indian traditions
Fri 21 Apr 20:00
Fri 21 Apr '23
  • Fri 21 Apr '23
    Nieuwe Kerk, Den Haag

With Shashank Subramanyam and Pravin Godkhindi you can see two stars from Indian classical music on the same evening in the Nieuwe Kerk. Expect challenging improvisations and a flashy flute duel that bring unexpected musical experiences to life.

Their music is authentic Indian. They are assisted in this by the innovative tabla player Satyajit Talwalkar, who has just as open and innovative an attitude towards the classical tradition as the two flutists. With Patri Satish Kumar on the Mridangam and RN Prakash on the Ghatam, the fusion of the North and South Indian musical tradition is completed. Godkhindi and Subramanyam are typical exponents of the evolution of Indian classical music culture since the 1960s. Both bansuri players (traditional bamboo flute) have been trained from an early age in the ancient traditions and still improvise in the classical style, but also made music for Bollywood productions and worked with western jazz musicians such as American guitarist John McLaughlin.

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Pravin Godkhindi, bansuri
Shashank Subramanyam, bansuri 
Satyajit Talwalkar, tabla
Patri Satish Kumar, mridangam &; khanjira
RN Prakash, ghatam & konnakol

Shashank Subramanyam en Pravin Godkhindi zijn typerende exponenten van de evolutie die de Indiase klassieke muziekcultuur sinds de jaren zestig van de vorige eeuw hebben doorgemaakt. Beide bansuri spelers (traditionele bamboe fluit) zijn van jongs af aan getraind in de oude tradities en improviseren nog steeds in de klassieke stijl, maar maakten ook muziek voor Bollywoodproducties en werkten met westerse jazzmuzikanten zoals de Amerikaanse gitarist John McLaughlin. Subramanyam werd afgelopen jaar geridderd in de Chevalier orde door de Franse regering en werd genomineerd voor een Grammy.