The Analogues

Hello Goodbye: The Very Best Of The Studio Years
Tue 25 Apr / 20:15 - 22:25
Tue 25 Apr ’23
20:15 - 22:25

With integral performances of classic Beatles records such as Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and The White Album, The Analogues showed the world a true revival of 'beatlemania'. They will be back next theater season with their new show Hello, Goodbye with classics that will make young and old move their feet. 

Hello Goodbye can be seen as a spectacular end to the period in which The Analogues reproduced all studio albums (post 1967) by The Beatles live. The band has achieved great success at home and abroad in recent years with integral performances of the albums that The Beatles recorded but never performed live themselves: Magical Mystery Tour, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The White Album and, most recently , a combination of Let It Be and Abbey Road.With 'Hello Goodbye',

The Analogues set themselves the difficult task of distilling a selection of highlights from those six iconic albums."That was not without a struggle," says musical director Bart van Poppel. "We've been playing all those great Beatles songs for about seven years now, but we're also still diehard fans. With pretty strong opinions about what really are the strongest songs. With the list we have now, I'm in it I totally agree, Beatles fans now have a great opportunity to come into the theater to see if they agree with our choice.”

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A production by The Analogues with original songs by The Beatles