YeonDo - Bosch Requiem

Dag in de Branding #67
Sat 17 Jun 20:30 - 22:15
Sat 17 Jun '23
20:30 - 22:15

A special evening in the context of the presentation of the Kees van Baaren Prize by the municipality of The Hague to composer Seung-Won Oh, for her work YeonDo (2020) written for the November Music festival.


Seung-Won Oh YeonDo (Bosch Requiem)


New European Ensemble
Cappella Pratensis
Manoj Kamps conductor

Life itself is puzzling enough, but the mystery of death raises many more questions. When death arrives, the process is surrounded by all kinds of mystical rituals. Never before has the funeral mass sounded so cathartic as with the Korean-Dutch composer Seung-Won Oh. Impressive percussion parts, meditative string passages and heavenly voices merge into a spiritual momentum. The audience is literally part of an intense concert experience. Limitless, timeless music that effortlessly traverses centuries.

With her expansive music ritual YeonDo, Seung-Won Oh sheds new light on the ancient Korean Catholic church tradition. Before someone is buried, a spirited group prayer takes place for the dead. The composer is fascinated by this unique death ritual that connects Korean funeral traditions with the Catholic faith in Korea. For example, during the YeonDo ritual, the dead person remains in purgatory until sins are forgiven and the heavens can begin. The mind is being prepared for its journey to a new world. Oh's live music has a great physical appearance in which musical action and sound ritual flow into each other.

The New European Ensemble, the singers of Cappella Pratensis and an alt, play a leading role in her requiem, who unleash a thrilling and timeless ritual.

This concert is part of Festival Dag in de Branding. During Festival Dag in de Branding, the venues in The Hague, Residentie Orkest and various ensembles will introduce you to the latest music. Three times a year they organize a festival full of discoveries at various locations in The Hague. The makers of today are central. Meet the composers and chat with the musicians. What fascinates them and how do you hear that reflected in your work?

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