Social Dance: Hague Hoppers

Dance along and surprise yourself!
Thu 12 Sep - Thu 10 Jul
Thu 12 Sep ’24
Thu 10 Jul ’25

Hague Hoppers is organising a free dance evening at the Kunstenplein in Amare, especially for lovers of jazz and swing dance. Together we dance lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag, blues and solo jazz!


19.15-20.00 Workshop Lindy Hop taster
20.00-23.00 Social dance with live music by The Royal Croquettes

The evening kicks off with an introduction to Lindy Hop. The music is in the hands of the Hague Hoppers DJs, often complemented by a live band.

Part of

Come dance to the irresistible hits of the golden era of swing! Everyone is welcome.


Arjen's Hot Four

Tomek Van Leewen- bass 
Arjen Holtzer- violin
Nick Sansone- guitar
Jan Brouwer- guitar