Social Dance: Hague Hoppers

Dance along and surprise yourself!
Wed 13 Mar - Wed 12 Jun
Wed 13 Mar '24
Wed 12 Jun '24

Hague Hoppers is organising a free dance evening at the Kunstenplein in Amare, especially for lovers of jazz and swing dance. Together we dance lindy hop, balboa, collegiate shag, blues and solo jazz!


19.15-20.00 Workshop Lindy Hop taster
20.00-23.00 Social dance with live music by The Royal Croquettes


Arjen's Hot Four

Tomek Van Leewen- bass 
Arjen Holtzer- violin
Nick Sansone- guitar
Jan Brouwer- guitar

The evening kicks off with an introduction to Lindy Hop. The music is in the hands of the Hague Hoppers DJs, often complemented by a live band.

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Come dance to the irresistible hits of the golden era of swing! Everyone is welcome.