Georgia's youngest musical promise

Pianists Tsotne Zedginidze en Sandro Gegechkori
Georgië Festival i.s.m. europalia georgia
Sat 9 Dec / 20:00 - 22:20
Sat 9 Dec ’23
20:00 - 22:20
  • Sat 9 Dec ’23
    20:00 - 22:20
    Nieuwe Kerk, The Hague

These Georgian talents are only 13 and 23 years old, but they are both brilliant, promising composers who are already very active internationally. They present their own work on piano as well as well-known pieces by renowned compatriots. After Tsotne has already starred in many famous theaters, he is now playing in the Netherlands for the first time. Sandro already impressed the Dutch audience with his performance at Podium Klassiek and in the Concertgebouw in 2022.


Tsotne Zedginidze piano
Franz Schubert
4 Impromptus op. 90
Tsotne Zedginidze Ballade & Bagatelle*
Tsotne Zedginidze Dedication to Ravel and Debussy*

Sandro Gegechkori piano
Ludwig van Beethoven 6 Bagatelles op. 126
Franz Liszt Sonate in b-klein 
Sandro Gegechkori 3 Little Pieces for Piano
Sandro Gegechkori Solitude
Revaz Lagidze Rondo toccata

* Wereldpremière

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Sandro Gegechkori wordt gezien als een van de grootste Georgische pianotalenten

Dieuwertje Blok in Podium Klassiek

With his overwhelming musicality, Tsotne Zedginidze (2009) has proven at a very young age that he has incredible talent and potential. He started composing at the age of five (for ensembles as well as orchestras) and during his studies became increasingly interested in music of the 20th and 21st centuries. Some of the greatest musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, Jörg Widmann and Giya Kancheli called him one of the most exceptionally gifted musicians of the century. Tsotne performs internationally known pieces as well as his own compositions.

Sandro Gegechkori (2000) is one of the most talked-about representatives of the new generation of the Georgian piano school. He achieved international recognition and success early in his teens, and is now firmly established in the world of classical music. Sandro has won several international competitions, including Maria Canals International Music Competition, Feurich Vienna International Piano Competition and Arno Babajanyan International Piano Competition. In the Netherlands, Sandro is known for his performance at Podium Klassiek and in the Concertgebouw in 2022. Sandro will share his own work as well as little-known compositions by Georgian composers.

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Cloakroom and drink 
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. The Embassy of Georgia proudly offers complementary Georgian wine during the break of this concert.


Tsotne Zedginidze piano
Sandro Gegechkori piano