Hind Ennaira & Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest

Gnawa fused with Arabo-Andalusian heritage
Sun 10 Sep 16:00 - 17:30
Sun 10 Sep '23
16:00 - 17:30
  • Sun 10 Sep '23
    Lobby open
    Amare, Den Haag

Queen of the Gnawa and skilled guembri player Hind Ennaira plays in Amare together with members of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra during the Gnawa Festival. Be captivated by this fascinating fusion of Gnawa music and Arabo-Andalusian heritage!

Hind Ennaira, one of the most popular young female Gnawa artists of the moment, gave a spontaneous pop-up concert at the MAQAM cultural center during her first visit to Amsterdam. The responses were overwhelming! Due to the great success, she will share the stage again with Salah Edinne Mesbah, Mohamed Al Mokhlis and Hamza Amrani, members of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra.

Hind Ennaira was born in Essaouira (Morocco), the cradle of Gnawa art, Afro-Moroccan and desert blues. At a very young age she immersed herself in this special music genre, a world that initially seemed to be accessible only to men. Today, as one of the two gnawiat, Hind dominates the Gnawa music scene. Playing on her Guembri instrument, she proves to the world that this traditional Moroccan folklore is also intended for women. She founded her own band with which she performs in Morocco and abroad. Hind is known as one of the 'maâlems' who draws full houses with her performances.

The Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra (AAO) plays various forms of music from various time periods and styles. From Granada to Baghdad, from the rich Arabo Andalus repertoire to the mystical Eastern music, and from the refined improvisation music from the Arab world to the folk music from the Maghreb. The orchestra has been formed for ten years now by musicians from the Netherlands and abroad. Not only do they keep the traditional Arabo-Andalusian repertoire alive together, but they also play improvised music from the Arab world and folk music from the Maghreb. Over the years, the orchestra has collaborated with renowned musicians from all genres, from Arabic (Marcel Khalife and Sami Yusuf) to jazz (Metropole Orkest) and flamenco (Estrella Morente). In addition to these repertoires, the AAO is also committed to musical deepening and the orchestra also performs on stage with other Andalusian-oriented genres, such as the Malhoun (Sanaa Maharati). In addition to the Andalusian repertoires, the AAO also specializes in Eastern sharqi music.

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