Dansconcert #1 (AL)

BIG BANG Festival
Sat 13 Apr
Sat 13 Apr ’24

Dansconcert is so much more than a performance. It is a catchy concert, a rousing dance performance, and a family party (one that’s really fun). 

Four musicians and a number of dancers unleash a small tornado. A cheerful bass groove blows the dancers in all directions, and the children float along. Music and dance are so catchy that it’s impossible to remain still! From slow to fast, from high to low: irresistibly, the performers reel you in towards a super funky finale. It’s party time!  



Koen Brouwers, Ciska Vanhoyland and Lies Cuyvers concept
Koen Brouwers guitar, bass and keyboard
Bert Hornikx drums and percussion
Lesley Troquet bass and keyboard
Lotte Vanhamel wind instruments, vocoder and dance 
Lies Cuyvers en Ciska Vanhoyland samen met gastdansers van Talking Bodies choreography and dance
Jente De Graef costumes
Raf Wouters lighting design
Stanislav Dobak trailer 
tout petit production
Perpodium coproduction
With the support of the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, the city of Hasselt, the city of Leuven and the Tax Shelter maatregel of the Belgische federale overheid
Thanks to Spinrag kinderkunstenfestival and deRUIMTE