Indonesian National Orchestra

In collaboration with Tong Tong Festival
Thu 23 May / 20:00 - 21:30
Thu 23 May ’24
20:00 - 21:30
  • Thu 23 May ’24
    20:00 - 21:30

Indonesian National Orchestra (INO) was founded in 2010 with the aim of providing a new orchestral platform for the music of the 21st century, based on Indonesia's diverse indigenous instruments. A fascinating and hypnotic mixture of innovation and tradition. Amare is proud to present them in its theater hall, the day before the kick-off of the Tong Tong Fair 2024.

INO's music is mostly composed by Franki Raden, a leading Indonesian composer and ethnomusicologist, who founded the orchestra. Each INO piece is composed based on specific regional music and aesthetics. The idea is to keep the power of indigenous music and musicians alive within the orchestra or ensemble. Because much of Indonesian music and instruments are related to ritual practices of indigenous faiths, Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, the music presented by INO reflects a strong ritual character.

Cloakroom and lockers  
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  • Franki Raden Music Director, Gong, Kentongan (Bamboo Drum), Bedug (Bass Drum)
  • Satya Cipta Soprano, Trompong (Gong Chimes)
  • Gugun Gumelar Kecapi (zither), Kentongan
  • Soegiarto Hartono Melodic Kolintang (Xylophone)
  • Fanie Johanis Gara Bass Kolintang (Xylophone)
  • Andreas Wahyudi Double Bass
  • Hendri Desmal Voice, Didgeridoo, Serunai (double reed), Taganing (drum chimes), Kentongan
  • Ade Juhana Sundanese Kendang (drum set), Kentongan, Didgeridoo
  • Dwiki Pebriansyah Suling (Bamboo Flute), Tarompet (double reed), Rebab (fiddle)
  • Hendy Kurnia Voice, Rebana Kecimping, Marawis, Biang (large & small frame drum)
  • Aripin Effendi Voice, Rebana Kecimping, Marawis, Biang
  • Mohammad Fahrurrozi Voice, Rebana Kecimping, Marawis, Biang
  • Anindya Putri Notosudirdjo Tour Manager