Brautigam performs Beethoven

Residentie Orkest
Fri 4 Oct / 20:15
Fri 4 Oct ’24
  • Fri 4 Oct ’24

In the week of his seventieth birthday, the Residentie Orkest celebrates the impressive career of pianist and close friend Ronald Brautigam.


Ching-Fan Teng One Minute Symphony XL
Cherubini Ouverture ‘Médée’
Beethoven Pianoconcert nr. 3
Mayer Symfonie nr. 7 (Nederlandse première)

As a Beethoven expert and enthusiast, Brautigam will perform the composer’s Piano Concerto No. 3. In this piece, the piano and the orchestra enter into an exciting dialogue in which they challenge, support and complement each other. Adding even more expressiveness, tonight also features a performance of the brilliant Symphony No. 7 by the forgotten composer Emilie Mayer: a true revelation!

Beethoven in general and his Piano Concerto No. 3 in particular are central themes in Brautigam’s life. The music’s dark, brooding texture takes the expressive power of the piano to a new level that allows Brautigam to share his vision with the orchestra and the audience in a truly authentic manner. Fire and passion with a deep emotional range is the theme, which conductor Jan Willem de Vriend draws out further with Emilie Mayer’s intriguing Symphony No. 7. This symphony is a rich tapestry of contrasts, ranging from dramatic gloom to lyrical joyfulness, written in the romantic idiom of Schumann and Brahms. Not to be missed!  

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Jan Willem de Vriend dirigent
Ronald Brautigam piano