Beethoven 5

Residentie Orkest
Fri 22 Nov / 20:15
Fri 22 Nov ’24
  • Fri 22 Nov ’24

Conductor Anja Bihlmaier and pianist Javier Perianes present a musical contrast, from dire fate to joy: Schumann, Beethoven and symphonic emotions. 


Virág Anna Virág One Minute Symphony
Ligeti Concert românesc
Schumann Pianoconcert
Beethoven Symfonie nr. 5

The Residentie Orkest is celebrating its 120th anniversary. Such a unique event demands a unique symphony and a grand spectacle: Beethoven’s Fifth, which symbolises the struggle and triumph of the human spirit. It is an exceptionally fierce and particular musical piece that the Residentie Orkest will lavish upon the audience.

The world-famous, powerful opening motif of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 is repeated and reinterpreted throughout the work, in a dramatic transition from darkness to light, from fear to joy, from conflict to harmony. Known for her spontaneity and musical intuition, chief conductor Anja Bihlmaier brings the musical fireworks tonight. Also on the programme is soloist Javier Perianes with a performance of Schumann’s intensely romantic Piano Concerto, one of the greatest piano works ever written, and Ligeti’s Concert Românesc, a symphonic celebration of Romanian folklore, infused with a contemporary flair. 

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Anja Bihlmaier dirigent
Javier Perianes piano