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Guided tours in Amare

Dutch Spoken
Sat 19 Nov - Mon 1 May
Sat 19 Nov '22
Mon 1 May '23

Each guided tour will be different and based upon the activities taking place in the building. Discover the bustling activity of the loading bay, the quiet of the side wings or the magic of the cable system in the fly tower. During one guided tour we might show you the Concertzaal and Danstheater, another tour might invite you into the studios or the dressing rooms.

What will there be to see, do and feel in Amare? Join one of our tours to get a foretaste. Whether you’re interested in Amare’s constructive highlights or you just want to experience the building, the tours are fun for everyone. Guides with close connections to Amare take you on an interactive journey to explore all the nooks and crannies. You’ll learn about the stories that already exist within its walls, and who knows – you might discover something you hadn’t noticed before!

The costs for a guided tour are €7.50. You can buy a ticket via this page (check "Dates and times").
The tour starts at the Tribunetrap (ground floor) and ends at the Stadskantine.
Read more about a safe visit to the theatre.

Any questions? Send us an email at rondleidingen@amare.nl

Guided tours for groups?
Groups, associations and companies that would like to request a separate tour for 5-20 persons can do so by sending an email to rondleidingen@amare.nl (costs: €149,- per group incl. VAT)

The guided tours are only accessible for adults. We use the escalators for the guided tours.

Dunea fountain

Amare is een prachtige fontein rijker. In de entreehal vind je een grote groen-gele fontein, waaruit heerlijk Dunea-water stroomt. Het kunstwerk is een geschenk van de Marokkaanse gemeenschap aan Amar…

Play Amare's piano

Did you know that there's a new piano in Amare? And that piano is asking you to play it! Take a seat and fill the building with your wonderful tunes.

Welcome to Amare

On Spuiplein in the centre of The Hague, the new cultural nexus of the city is taking shape. Where once the Dr. Anton Philipszaal and Lucent Danstheater were located, Amare will now open its doors in early September 2021. Four organisations will be setting up shop in Amare: Zuiderstrandtheater, NDT, RO and the Royal Conservatoire.