The Taartrovers Lab (2+)

Four installations by Taartrovers
Sun 9 Jun / 10:00 - 15:00
Sun 9 Jun ’24
10:00 - 15:00
  • Sun 9 Jun ’24
    10:00 - 15:00

Every Sunday children can enjoy four installations created by Taartrovers on Amare’s Kunstenplein.

Small children are big explorers. Taartrovers aims to stimulate all their senses. Every Sunday in April and May in Amare, four installations developed by Taartrovers invite children to play and explore. The installations appeal to their sense of wonder and power of imagination, and encourage their creativity.

About Taartrovers
Taartrovers develops installations specifically for young children. The organisation has evolved from a pioneer into an expert in active art and culture experiences for young children, and is known for the Taartrovers Festival. Taartrovers began as a two-day children’s film programme in Amsterdam and is now an independent organisation that creates programmes year-round allowing children from the age of 2 and up to play with art and fantasy.

The installations
The Taartrovers installations form a coherent whole, or a so-called lab which children can explore independently. The installations require no to barely any explanation or instruction: children can see intuitively what they can do. Children use their creativity to create their own images, movements, colours, sounds and stories. Quite naturally and actively, children discover what they are capable of.

Obviously, children in the age group of 2 to 7 can play, discover, create and investigate in many different ways. Since children can participate in the installations in countless ways and the installations appeal to different forms of expression, every child can participate and enjoy the experience.

Music creates atmosphere and has a powerful effect on mood and feeling. Children can move around wearing headphones or participate in the installations, with music stimulating their expressive abilities.

Aerial drawings
Children can create aerial drawings on transparent panels, optionally interactively with other children or a parent drawing simultaneously on the other side of the panel. Lining up and looking through multiple panels results in a visual experience with a sense of depth. Older children will sometimes use a transparent panel to trace the images revealed behind the panel. The headphones playing music can further inspire the children as they draw.

Sand tables
Different colours of sand on light tables invite children to engage in tactile play. Children can form and demolish little mounds of sand, and can draw in and with the sand using their fingers. The light projected from within the light table creates an enchanting effect.

House of sounds
In this little house, children can make music using instruments and everyday objects. Images to inspire the children are projected on the semi-transparent wall on the house’s front facade.

A cup of coffee to round it off?
Tip! Combine a visit to the Taartrovers playground with a cup of coffee in Brasserie Amare.