Breakin' Convention Goes NL

Thu 21 Oct 19:30
Thu 21 Oct '21
  • Thu 21 Oct '21
    Amare, Den Haag
    Past event

Breakin' Convention, the pioneering hip-hop festival from London, comes to the Netherlands for the first time! Join this ultimate celebration of hip-hop culture.


Soweto Skeleton Movers (South Africa)
From the most notorious township on the African continent comes the rubber-limbed, bone-breaking Soweto Skeleton Movers, famed for their spin on 'pantsula' developed by skeleton mover pioneer, Jabulani Manynoi. Drawing comparisons to breaking, popping, and house dance, the addition of bone-breaking, contortionism, acrobatic footwork and hat tricks differentiates Soweto Skeleton Movers from other pantsula groups. Their unique dancing -not to mention the magical hat tricks -will astound and amaze!

Joseph Toonga (United Kingdom)
Four powerful performers use hip hop, afro beat, krump dance and voice to dismantle presumptions about the black figure.  Images of intimidation, danger and isolation, reveal character traits around fragility, vulnerability and the constant battle to have to prove oneself. Born to Protest is part of a trilogy of work choreographer Joseph Toonga is making to highlight black excellence and challenge racial stigmas around black culture. Created in the climate of hopelessness and anger that folllowed the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Born to Protest is vital and untimely. An intense and ultimately redemptive work. A Breakin’ Convention and Dutch premiere. 

Kinetic Art (Japan)
Using string as a metaphor to portray the interconnectivity of events around us tangling and untangling, this fusion of contemporary dance and breaking draws inspiration from the traditional Japanese game ‘ayatori’ and the English proverb ‘”it takes two to tango”, playing on the word “it takes two to tangle”. Using acrobatic contact work, Tangle poses the question of how a person chooses to exist within the fluctuating situations, environments and connections to others around them. 

Please note: To visit this performance you need a valid COVID certificate. Click here for more information.

Count on breath-taking and inspiring performances by internationally acclaimed poppers, lockers, b-boys and b-girls at a festival that offers a stage not only to global sensations but also to local talent. Curated and hosted by British hip-hop theatre legend and Artistic Director of Breakin' Convention, Jonzi D, the festival takes over the entire theatre with DJs, workshops and freestyle sessions. 

Expect funky contortions and magical hat tricks from the Soweto Skeleton Movers, with their unique take on pantsula dance straight from South Africa. Hip hop and krump articulate power and persistence against the odds, as Josepth Toonga from London presents Born To Protest. Kinetic Art from Japan bring a meditative fusion of contemporary dance and breaking in a duet with string called Tangle.

This performance is suitable for kids with the minimum age of 8.