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Summer season in Amare

June 2024, news

The summer season from 15 July to 19 August is a period of calm for Amare. But you can still drop in to buy tickets at the ticket office. Read more here about the summer season in Amare.

Summer in Amare: it’s the time of the year that our beloved building can relax for a bit, after a busy season. No grand productions in the auditoriums, no bustling corridors full of conservatory students and staff. Behind the scenes, floors are freshly waxed, maintenance work is performed in the halls, and everything is brought into tiptop shape, ready for the 24/25 season. 

Programming in the halls 
No programmes are scheduled in Amare’s halls during this period. We look forward to welcoming you again for the new 24/25 season in our Danstheater or Concertzaal, starting in September. 

Public spaces 
Visitors are still welcome in the building’s public spaces. From 15 July to 19 August, Amare is open from Monday to Friday, 08:30 - 18:00. Amare is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

A number of activities of the Open Amare programme will continue to be held, such as Dao Lu on Thursdays. Due to the maintenance work, for example on the floors, areas of the building may be cordoned off. 

Ticket desk is open
The ticket desk on the ground floor by the Turfmarkt entrance will be open on most weekdays during the summer period. Only on July 15-21 the desk will be closed due to maintenance work. The rest of the weekdays you can still pass by to buy tickets, from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00.  The ticket office is closed in the weekends and also not reachable by phone. 

Brasserie Amare
The Brasserie on the ground floor will close from 29 July to 18 August. But other than that, it will be open according to the usual opening hours. Don’t pass up the chance to enjoy the sunny terrace! It’s the perfect spot for a delicious lunch or dinner. And don’t forget, there’s cocktail Tuesday!

Juni Stadskantine
Juni Stadskantine will close from 15 July to 28 July, and will be open from 29 July to 9 August according to adjusted opening hours: from Monday to Friday, 09:00 to 17:00. Stadskantine will again be closed from 10 to 25 August to permit maintenance work on the floor, to fully reopen on 26 August.

Have a nice summer!

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