Little Amal was in The Hague

She’s only 10 years old and walked all the way from the Turkish-Syrian border to Europe. It was an 8,000-kilometre journey, and she was traveling alone, in search of her mother. Her name is Little Amal.

Little Amal is a giant puppet. Representing a refugee girl, she calls attention to the millions of homeless children around the world. Children who are fleeing war or violence with their families – or, like Little Amal, all alone. After an incredible journey, Amal finally arrived in England in early November.

After that, Amare invited Amal to come visit The Hague, where she was welcomed as a special guest from 15 to 19 November 2021. During that week, she visited a number of important landmarks and locations in The Hague, like Madurodam, the Cultuurankers (Cultural Anchors), various schools and, of course, Amare.

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The arrival of Little Amal was part of Wij Den Haag and made possible in part by: