Seminar vluchten is geen spel

Due to the corona measures, this program could not take place during the week of Little Amal. We are making plans for a new date. We will communicate the date on this page as soon as we know more.

© Wouter Vellekoop

As part of the visit Little Amal paid to The Hague
Date to be determined
Location: Wijnhaven Campus Den Haag/Leiden University
Free, but registration required 

Do you ever stop to think about the importance of where you were born? The location of your cot has a huge influence on the rest of your life. It is vital to grow up in health and safety, but for the 32 million refugee children in the world today, this is not at all a matter of course. We need to keep rallying to their cause. To keep demonstrating our compassion and solidarity with all young people and children around the globe. 

If you wish to live in a world where your cot does not determine your future, then join the seminar ‘Vluchten is geen spel’ (Fleeing is not a game). Stichting Amare and Leiden University, Campus Den Haag are the joint organisers of this special evening where young people and stakeholders engage each other in dialogue about fleeing and migration.

In the plenary part of the evening, moderated by Leila Prnjavorac, speakers include Marlou Schrover, professor of economic and social history at Leiden University, and Mirjam Walsmit of VluchtelingenWerk Nederland. Other participants are documentary maker Eefje Blankevoort, winner of a Golden Calf for her documentary Shadow Game, and Mohammed, former refugee and one of the main characters in the documentary. After that you can talk further with former refugees in small groups, and can discover initiatives in the city of The Hague that enable you to contribute to the cause.