Museumnacht in Amare was a great succes

The Museum Night programme in Amare was dedicated to performers based in The Hague. The music programme was in the hands of Aymar Torres and Lisette & Gijs. Other prominent elements were the kinetic installation by choreographer Amos Ben-Tal and the interactive exhibition by the Hague’s artist collective Uit Het Gareel. Uit Het Gareel is a platform for young artists from The Hague, and they came to Amare with an exhibition featuring works by Anna Nunes, Celia Hadeler, Erik Peters, Darien Brito, Beer van Geer & Studio POCA, and Weronika Uyar.

A varied public found its way to our house of culture during the Museum Night. The evening was all about art made for and by The Hague, and it proved a great success. 

Totem Project 

Part of the Uit Het Gareel exhibition was the collaborative project TOTEM, by Beer van Geer and Julie de Ruijter (Studio POCA). For this art work, the artists studied the rhythm of the human heart. It is a rhythm unique to each person that evokes the changeability of the human condition: our emotions, our feelings and our connectedness with our surroundings and with nature.

By combining digital techniques and intuitive drawing, the artists converted 16 unique rhythms belonging to people close to them into personal totems. Together these totems form a tribe, which will grow steadily over the coming years. Visitors can have their own heart rhythm ritually converted into a personal totem. Would you like to participate in this ritual, under supervision of the artists?  You can sign up for a session lasting 30 to 45 minutes.

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