3D model of Amare

Model created by NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture

On the stadsbalkon, you will find a model of Amare that was commissioned by architecture firm NOAHH | Network Oriented Architecture. The model shows Amare without its characteristic façade. The halls are distinguished by colour: the Concertzaal is yellow, the Danstheater is blue, the Conservatoriumzaal is green, the Amare Studio is red and NDT Black Box is, of course, black. The halls are surrounded by numerous studios, classrooms, backstage rooms, lobbies, offices and other kinds of spaces. These have been made transparent so that you can see how the halls have been incorporated into the whole.

In the actual building, just as in the model, the halls are recognisable by the unique materials of their facades: gold-coloured metal, bamboo, raw concrete and black coating.

As an abstract sculpture, the model is part of a series of themed models that analyse and depict structure, mass, public space, lobbies, informal usage and facades. Together, they represent the essence and characteristics of the Amare building. The complete series will be on display at Amare in 2022.