Aernoudt Jacobs, Glass Vibration Gaze, 2023

The site-specific work Glass Vibration Gaze (2023) transforms window panes into an installation that merges architecture and music. Electronically generated musical patterns are induced into the windows using audio transducers. Stethoscopes attached to the windows function as microscopic listening devices which allow visitors to eavesdrop on the sonic world inside the glass while observing the flow of city life outside. 

Aernoudt Jacobs is a Belgian artist working primarily with the medium of sound. His work is both phenomenological and empirical. It has its origins in acoustic and technological research and investigates how sounds can trigger sonic processes that will affect the observer's scope of perception. His work focuses on a central question: how can one experience the complexity, richness, and stratification of their direct, daily environment? Glass Vibration Gaze is commissioned by Rewire in collaboration with iii, The Hague and Amare.

After Rewire, Glass Vibration Gaze will remain in Amare until April 23rd. Location: Amare Windows.

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