Video artwork Faux shows mysterious world of Nintendogs

April 2024, article

With Vertical Video, we show new work every two months in Amare’s public spaces. In April and May, you can be taken into the mysterious world of Faux by artist Maria Perez.

The artwork is on display next to the Tribunetrap from 13:00 to 23:00 every day. Make sure to drop by shortly for a bit of wonder.

About Faux
Faux presents a 5 minute loop showing an hyperreal landscape inhabited by the virtual dogs from the Nintendo DS game Nintendogs. These creatures, though unmistakably unreal, possess a remarkable resemblance to real-life dogs. Their movements, gestures and behaviour are uncannily authentic, evoking a sense of familiarity and resonance akin to physical dogs.

The landscape they roam is impregnated with a sense of fake realism, similar to the ones found in video games, which initially try to mimic the world we live in but end up being carried away by imagination and distorted by fantasy.

Playing with this contradiction of unreal reality, the landscape paints a world coloured by wonder and mystery. Emptied from a deeper meaning, this scene is just a playful portrait of a surreal magical world that only exists by allowing technology to tint our natural and mundane reality, dictated by magic and imagination.

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