Interactive art installation in Amare

In the digital age, we are drowned in information. This constant flux of information prevents us from acting responsibly or building wisdom upon them. These streams constantly come and go while the struggles are still there, and we are paralysed by only witnessing and forgetting about them. 

What we may need is a new way of collective activism to step out of this trap of automised information bits, take back our agency, choose our battles, and stand for the freedom of all human beings.

Volt is an interactive installation, consisting of a bot which explores the Google search engine and is constantly loading different pieces of information about Iran into an obscure 3d space. The interactive sound piece is composed using field recordings of Iran’s uprising since September 2022. The audience can influence the sonic parameters and therefore, the intelligibility by approaching and physically engaging with the artwork.

Curious to see this piece for yourself? You can find the installation on the ground floor near our ticketing desk until 31 January. 

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