DI-RECT rocked the house

After some delays in the delivery date of Amare, and a two-year pandemic, we were FINALLY able to transform the Concertzaal into the new, desired pop temple of The Hague. On Thursday 14 April, DI-RECT made a 2000+ audience go wild on the music of this local band. 

These hybrid concerts, with removable chairs, are very new to Amare. For that reason, our organization has chosen to collaborate with PAARD and bring in their expertise on programming and production. Famous artists such as Marina, Balthazar, Eefje de Visser, The Zombies, Clannad, 10cc and others have been curated in our programme lately. 

Photo credits: © Nikki Born

Ook in Amare:


Amare i.s.m. PAARD

Fri 1 Nov ’24 - Fri 6 Dec ’24

The Dire Straits Experience

Shiver in the Dark World Tour

Wed 20 Nov ’24

Son Mieux

Amare i.s.m. PAARD

Fri 10 May ’24 / 20:00 - 22:50

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