Looking back with Amal

Friday 19 November
Live on TV West television and online on Omroep West 18.45-19.30

Het meisje en de ooievaar (The Girl and the Stork) will be broadcast live on TV West and online on Omroep West on Friday 19 November from 18.45 to 19.30.

18:45-19:00: Amare, de geliefde van de stad | documentary by Erik Kooyman
19:00-19:30: Het meisje en de ooievaar, a musical journey about Little Amal and her time in The Hague | Live from Spuiplein and Amare. Direction by Ira Judkovskaja.

“This is Amare! A place where people can tell stories. Stories that everyone can identify with, or that teach us something about someone else.” “Do people want to learn something from my story?” “In any case they want to hear your story.” Amal sat down and readied herself. She wished her mother was here to see it.

Unfortunately, parts of the Open Festival of Amare have been cancelled due to the new corona measures. But Het meisje en de ooievaar still takes place! Because of the current corona measures the public cannot attend this show. Tune in at home and enjoy the journey of Little Amal from your living room with a livestream on TV West.

With the entrancing music by the Hague composer Genevieve Murphy, Amal will sit side by side with Stork to see her own story displayed. In Amare’s windows, city residents act out a choreography created by MEYER-CHAFFAUD. While the building comes alive window after window, the musicians of the ensemble 9x13 will play a musical piece. Goodbye Little Amal, good luck on your new adventure!

Ira Judkovskaja – director
Elze van den Akker - design
Koos de Vries – light design
Linda Eijssen – costumes, in collaboration with costume studio HNT, Iris Elstrodt
MEYER-CHAFFAUD – choreography
Good Chance Theatre and Handspring Puppet Company
Cat Smits Company 

Neo-fanfare 9x13 performs Evoke by Genevieve Murphy
Sarah Ouakrat, piccolo
Deborah Witteveen, alto saxophone
Pierre Buizer, mellophone
Arthur Kerklaan, trumpet
Anton van Houten, trombone
Yannis Bontis, trombone
Nuno Silva, baritone saxophone
Arne Visser, helicon
Jeroen Geevers, percussion
Laura Trompetter, percussion

A big thanks to all participating city residents!

Little Amal in the city?
Little Amal will likely make a small city walk on Friday. Keep an eye on our socials to see wether she pops up somewhere in the city.

More info
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