Highlights of Amare (1): Spectacular view

The lobby on the 1st floor probably offers the best view from Amare. Did you know that this view includes a very famous historical citizen of The Hague? The garden of Nieuwe Kerk also contains the grave of the seventeenth-century philosopher Benedictus de Spinoza. So now you also know why this lobby is called the Spinoza foyer.

Looking out on Spuiplein and Nieuwe Kerk, you might be tempted to think that this is Amare’s front side. But Amare doesn’t have one specific main entrance. There are in fact two main entrances on either side of the building: at Turfmarkt and at Spuiplein. If you happen to be passing this way through town, Amare invites you to take the route that runs straight through the building. 

Fun fact: One of the first artist’s impressions of the prospective square in front of Amare showed a large sculpture of a horse rearing up on its hind legs. In the final design, this element was replaced by a fountain.

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