Highlights of Amare (3): Building blocks

More Highlights:

Oddly enough, silence is very important in a place where lots of sound is produced. To avoid noise nuisance during simultaneous concerts and rehearsals, Amara has a very special internal construction. From the outside the complex seems to form a single building. But take a closer look at the inside…

Amare can best be described as several buildings beneath a single roof. To permit simultaneous concerts and performances without interfering with each other requires absolute silence in between the different halls. That’s why the halls have been constructed as separate entities. Actually, the Concertzaal, the Danstheater and the Conservatoriumzaal are individual buildings, each resting on its own foundation. The spaces between the buildings prevent sound vibrations from traveling from one to the other.

Fun fact: The special ‘in-between spaces’ are indicated by the silver-coloured indentations on the floor. Found one? Then look up to discover the space between the individual constructions. 

Fun fact: Amare’s rehearsal rooms are also insulated by means of a double wall with empty space in between. This construction not only absorbs sound but also helps keep the interior temperature steady. As such, it also contributes to the building’s sustainability.

Fun fact: The Conservatoriumzaal is located at the top of Amare. To avoid all contact with the Theaterzaal located directly below, the foundation of the Conservatoriumzaal has been constructed around it like a bell jar.