Highlights of Amare (5): Amare's gems

The Concertzaal and Danstheater are Amare’s gems. The designs of the halls managed to resolve several challenges. How do you create an intimate atmosphere in an auditorium containing no less than 1300 seats? How do you ensure top-notch acoustics, suitable for both large-scale spectacles and for a small company? And how do you ensure that both pop and classical music can play in the same concert hall?

Multi-purpose halls without compromising on quality in any way whatsoever: that was the goal for both the Danstheater and the Concertzaal.

The Danstheater is one of the building’s true gems, with a large stage and cutting-edge technology. Part of the seating is on the balcony, creating a more intimate atmosphere than you might expect of a hall with a capacity of 1300. The anthracite-coloured walls and golden-coloured seats are unique for a theatre hall, and infuse the space with a warm and contemporary feeling.

The Concertzaal is Amare’s largest hall. Here you can sit facing the stage, as well as around and behind the stage. The seats are on two balcony floors that run around the entire hall. In a ‘classic’ seating arrangement, the hall can accommodate 1500 seated visitors, while for a ‘pop music’ arrangement with standing visitors, the capacity can increase up to 2500 visitors. For pop music concerts, the ground floor seats are removed, the stage is expanded and mobile bars, designed specifically for this hall, are added.

Fun fact: The Danstheater’s orchestra pit is recessed to a level below the stage. It means that the musicians are actually performing beneath the Amare ground level. In a way, they are surrounded by the cars in the underground parking garage. 

Fun fact: Both the Danstheater and the Concertzaal are fitted with special moving panels that absorb and/or reflect sound. These panels can be adjusted to suit the acoustic requirements of the type of concert or performance. So depending on whether it’s a classical concert, pop concert or a musical, the panels will be positioned slightly differently.

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