What impact does Amare’s architecture have on you?

There’s a new exhibition awaiting your visit in Amare’s public space, titled ‘Rooting Amare’. It is an exhibition that brings Amare to life and encourages all visitors to explore this multiverse.

Architectural office NOAHH, which was one of the architectural parties involved in the building of Amare, offers a surprising look at the story behind the architecture of our cultural palace. With a super scale model of the building, drawings, photographs and videos, Rooting Amare shows the story of Amare.

The official opening of the exhibition is on 15 December. Curious to see it? Then pop in via the entrance at Spui or at Turfmarkt and let the exhibition reopen your eyes to the wonders of Amare’s architecture. This free exhibition can be visited at Kunstenplein until 2 July 2023. 

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