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Nieuwe Kerk

Straight across from Amare stands one of The Hague’s most exquisite churches: Nieuwe Kerk. This unique location is a centre for equally unique musical encounters, thanks among others to the excellent view of the musicians and the intimate atmosphere.

A visit to Nieuwe Kerk is an unforgettable experience, courtesy of the church’s exceptional acoustics. With its rich history, impressive architecture, spectacular vaulted roof and appealing location, this church deserves to be called one of the most beautiful spots in The Hague.

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The Februari Festival is organised by Amare & Nieuwe Kerk.

Questions about ticket sales:
Tuesday to Saturday between 12:00 – 17:00
☎ 070 88 00 333
✉ kassa@amare.nl

General festival management
Corné Ran
☎ 06 575 562 39
✉ info@februarifestival.nl

Roelof Jonker
☎ 06 285 335 90
✉ roelofjonker@sqar.nl
Corné Ran
☎ 06 575 562 39
✉ corne.ran@amare.nl

Melissa Tepper | Corné Ran | Roelof Jonker
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Ilonka Kolthof
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Marjolein van Ruiten
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Sven Arne Tepl