Connect with Amal

Tuesday 16 november
15:00 en 17:00

15.15 and 16.30: Free Workshop Rode Loper voor Amal
Samen met allemaal kinderen in Den Haag werken we aan een rode loper, een prachtige Rode Loper voor Amal! Om haar op deze manier welkom te heten in de stad Den Haag. Help je mee? De workshops zijn 15.15 en 16.30 uur. register via

17.00 - 18.00 | Little Amal walks down Weimarstraat and meets neighbourhood residents
Location: Weimarstraat between Suezkade and Regentesseplein

It seemed as if there was an elderly lady or gentleman behind every window, drinking tea. Amal waved, and they waved back. Amal waved with both arms. “Hello grandpas and grandmas, have a nice evening!” 

No matter from what part of The Hague or the world you are, everyone can play host to Amal! During her visit to Regentessekwartier, Amal will walk from Wijkpark de Verademing via Weimarstraat to Regentesseplein. Along the way she’ll get the know the real neighbourhood feeling: affectionate people, beautiful music, and lively streets lit up with enchanting lights. The ladies’ choir De Sodano’s will sing Amal a lullaby, children participating in the project “Een leven lang” (organised by De Nieuwe Regentes) will escort Amal through the area, and residents of Regenvalk will wave Amal goodbye from their balconies on Regentesseplein. 

Would you like to help Amal enjoy the community feeling? Then join us in Weimarstraat from 17.00 to 18:00 and contribute to giving Amal a warm welcome. If you live in Weimarstraat, then you can welcome Amal simply by opening your curtains, switching on the lights and waving to Amal from your living room.