The Unheard (AL)

BIG BANG Festival
Sat 13 Apr - Sun 14 Apr
Sat 13 Apr ’24
Sun 14 Apr ’24

A live street performance with five robotised horns roaming around in search of an audience. 

Like a bunch of excited children, five energetic robotised horns roam the streets. Have they escaped from somewhere? Are they stretching their mouths wide open, hoping someone will listen to them? Or are they actually gigantic ears, straining to hear our story? Where are they going and what do they want? They pursue bicyclists with wagging tails, dance a naughty dance around a hugging couple, or wistfully gaze after a passing pedestrian. 

CREW& K.A.K. are the makers of this remarkable family. They set the horn robots loose, as megaphones for the unheard voices. They rear their heads against all the noise that floods the world, they prick up their ears to listen, and they may just sing the most beautiful song especially for you. 


CREW & K.A.K. production, text & sound

CREW concept,  technology & technical support

K.A.K. performers