Ottoman Baroque - A Mystical Musical Journey

In collaboration with Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten, Duygu Alkan and an ensemble of musicians and students of the Royal Conservatoire

Mystical crossover of compositions from the Baroque era

A specially composed orchestra will play a programme titled Ottoman Baroque - A Mystical Musical Journey. The programme is a mystical crossover of compositions from the Baroque era, with clear undertones of Ottoman music. Duygu Alkan and Turkish musicians will perform with students of the Royal Conservatoire and pupils of the Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten. The instrumentation includes the Latva, Kanun, Ney and percussion. Vocals will be performed by Duygu Alkan. Ahmet Gür is the storyteller. Annemarie de Bruijn is serving as director.

About Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten
Muziekcentrum 1001 Nachten is a music school devoted to inspiration, talent development and connecting people in the Schilderswijk and Transvaal neighbourhoods. The music school helps overcome the biggest thresholds families face with regard to learning to play an instrument: the tuition fees, the cost of an instrument, and accessibility. Today the music school caters to some 500 pupils. The school was initiated by Ahmet Gür, who studied violin at the Royal Conservatoire.

Duygu Alkan is a singer and oud player specialising in classic Turkish, Ottoman and Anatolian folk music. She studied Turkish music and vocal training at the conservatoire of Izmir and is now pursuing a Master programme at CodArts Rotterdam. She has been performing since 2010 with various musicians, in countries including Turkey, Iraq, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Cyprus. She is accompanied by several musicians.

Several Royal Conservatoire students of both the early and classical music departments are involved in the programme. The Royal Conservatoire is based in Amare.