Lichtpuntjes (rays of light)

In collaboration with The Hague Jazz Collective, Theater De Vaillant, Haags HipHop Centrum (H3C), Haags Theaterhuis and students of the Royal Conservatoire

Rays of light can be found everywhere in the shape of beautiful things, dreams and encounters.

Riiziane Golamun, Nadira Jansen and Sheranie Rikkert are three artists affiliated with Haags Theaterhuis. They have gone out to catch rays of light, together with Theater De Vaillant. They literally went from door to door in the neighbourhoods of Schilderswijk and Transvaal. The result is a collection of hope-giving stories, statements and arts works from the darker period of the second lockdown during the spring of 2021. Altogether they form a beacon of faith, hope and love – and a font of inspiration for the musicians of The Hague Jazz Collective and the spoken word artists of Haags HipHop Centrum.

The Lichtpuntjes are and will be transformed into a concert through jam sessions. The concert in De Vaillant on Friday 5 November is a prelude to Amare’s opening weekend, where the collective will perform the Lichtpuntjes concert on 19, 20 and 21 November. Students of the Royal Conservatoire’s jazz department were invited to sign up for this project.

About The Hague Jazz Collective
The Hague Jazz Collective is a young collective founded by two Royal Conservatoire alumni, Kobe Gregoir & Raphaël Royer. The goal is put Conservatoire alumni in touch with current students and to work together in various outreach projects. Master in Drums student Tristan Guillaume is working with members of The Hague Jazz Collective to compose the music for this performance.

About Haags HipHop Centrum
The Haags HipHop Centrum (or, H3C) is the place for budding talents in the disciplines of hip hop culture (breakdance, DJ, rap and graffiti) in the region of The Hague. In addition to a weekly lesson programme, H3C regularly organises masterclasses and events. H3C also helps young talents find their way onto stage and into battles, and to pursue a professional career.

This project is under the direction of artistic leader Paul Slangen.

participants in this project are:

The Hague Jazz Collective (THJC)

Kobe Gregoir; drums(coördinator THJC)
Raphael Royer; bas
Marjan van Rompay; sax/fluit

Koninklijk Conservatorium studenten Jazz-afdeling
Tristan Guillaume
Egidio Gentile; drums
Simon Gelsdorf; piano;
Giulia Bättig; zang; 
Dongkyu Shon; gitaar;
ChakSeng Lam; saxofoon  
Alex Petre; bass

Haags HipHop Centrum (H3C)
Peter Oostinga H3C (coördinator H3C)
Daniëlle Zawadi H3C
Glodi Mbwete H3C
Arjan de Boer H3C
Nathan Arnold
Hector Ruiz

More information

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The Hague Jazz Collective

Haags HipHop Centrum (H3C)

Theater De Vaillant

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Koninklijk Conservatorium (gevestigd in Amare)