Parade to Amare

In collaboration with Sarif Tribou, Blazen aan het Spui, Haagse Notuh, Marchingband Victory, Jacht Hoorn Blaas Groep Waalsdorp, Haags Klezmer Trio, Streetband FF AnderZ, Muziekvereniging Kunst Naar Kracht, Pedlev Blazers Ensemble, Harmonievereniging TAVENU, Muziekvereniging METRO Scheveningen, Straatorkest Eigen Hulp, Kunst voor het Volk, Tobra trio/quartet, Klein maar Dapper and Phoenix Wateringen

Due to the corona measures that were in place at the time, this performance did not take place in 2021.

Amare has teamed up with Blazen aan het Spui and Haagse Notuh to organise a musical Parade to Amare. On Saturday 20 November 2021, and starting from different points in the city, a colourful parade of musicians will march toward Amare. In this large-scale participative project, some 350 musicians from the city and region will converge on and musically conquer Amare.

Each participating music group will start from a pre-arranged location in The Hague, from where it will proceed toward Spuiplein, making music as they go. Besides walking, groups can also choose to use different modes of transport, including public transport such as tram or bus, but also by boat across the water. The groups are free to choose their musical repertoire as they go, and once everyone has arrived at Spuiplein, they will join in a shared composition under the direction of composer and conductor Sarif Tribou. After this communal concert, the different groups will continue on their own ‘conquest’ of Amare.

The performance 
The Parade to Amare will take place in the centre of The Hague and on Spuiplein on Saturday 20 November from 14:00 – 15:30. From the starting place to Spuiplein, the Parade will take about one hour.  All participants will gather on Spuiplein at 15:00, where the communal concert will start at around 15:15. At around 15:30, Amare will be invaded and conquered by the participating groups, with (short) performances taking place inside Amare. 

About Sarif Tribou
Sarif Tribou (48) is a musical leader/composer and librettist who works with music, theatre and art, in the widest sense of the word. Originally trained as a percussionist, his interest was soon drawn to storytelling generally and its many similarities with music as an art form. After completing his musical studies at the conservatoires of the Hague and Rotterdam, he studied at the ScriptAcademy, and has continued to develop as a music theatre director throughout the years.

The composition 
The composition will be composed and arranged by Sarif Tribou. It will be a composition for a colourful group of musicians, with the new building and the participating music groups as sources of inspiration. Sarif Tribou wants every participant to have a clear musical role to fulfil. In writing the composition, he will take the many differences in competence level and instrumentation into account.

Music groups can register with Elisa Kuijt, Project manager Parade to Amare:

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