Litanies of Trees - Honderdduizend bomen en een bos van draad

Sara Vrugt with Ensemble Klang in collaboration with De Nieuwe Regentes

A magical experience devoted to nature, combining music and a grand installation piece.

Sara Vrugt’s installation titled Honderdduizend bomen (one-hundred thousand trees), consisting of an embroidered forest of 100(!) m2, will be combined with a live performance of Litanies of Trees, a musical piece written by the American composer Keir Neuringer and performed by The Hague’s Ensemble Klang. The composer and the ensemble met while studying at the Royal Conservatoire. Neuringer wrote Litanies of Trees as an ode to his five-year-old son Emeri. The piece is all about the ancient relationship between man and nature.

During the corona pandemic, Sara Vrugt (artist) and Ensemble Klang – both from city district Segbroek – worked independently on a project about the importance and value of trees and forests. Theater De Nieuwe Regentes brought the makers and art works together, resulting in a magical combination. This enchanting performance will have a special place during Amare's opening weekend. The two works, each addressing our relationship with nature, trees and forests, together offer a magical auditive and visual experience. The installation will actually still be a work in progress during the concert, with sixteen embroiderers continuing to work on the piece, in tandem with the music.

Final presentation
On the road toward Amare, this installation with live music first came together in early September in De Nieuwe Regentes. The embroiderers of the forest will perform together with Ensemble Klang and conservatoire students on 10 October at 15:00, as a prelude to the full version. Everything will come together in Amare on 21 November.

About Sara Vrugt
Sara Vrugt designs with textile and thread, humour and an idealistic spirit. Her embroidery works and participative projects address societal issues. Her grand project, Honderdduizend bomen en een bos van draad, is a celebration of nature and its importance. 

About Ensemble Klang
The six-piece Ensemble Klang emerged over fifteen years ago, when its members met as students at The Hague’s Royal Conservatoire. The ensemble performs a repertoire of works composed specifically for these self-described ‘sonic pioneers’.