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“The African dancers resonate remarkably with Pina Bausch’s masterpiece. The choreography’s throbbing rhythms fit them like a glove”, said NRC newspaper. The dancers of École des Sables spent two weeks at Amare to rehearse The Rite of Spring, and they performed the work four times for a sold-out Danstheater. It was a marvellous experience, and we feel hugely grateful to all the parties involved as well as to our audience. 

The Rite of Spring is one of Pina Bausch’s most famous choreographies ­­– a rousing piece that has etched itself in the memories of countless people. Stravinsky’s intense music, the grand, layered choreography and the women who have to endure it combine to take the viewer’s breath away. Seldom performed by other companies, this work by Bausch has now found its way into the hands of a uniquely composed ensemble, with dancers trained in a variety of dance idioms. This is what makes the performance so unique and such a pleasure to watch. 

The written media was very positive about The Rite of Spring as well. We highlight some of the best commentaries below.

Did you miss the performance? Then we recommend you watch the film Dancing Pina at Filmhuis Den Haag! This film shows how a young generation of dancers from around the world is rediscovering Bausch’s choreography.

The African dancers resonate remarkably with Pina Bausch’s masterpiece. The choreography’s throbbing rhythms fit them like a glove.” 
For the audience attending the premiere in Wuppertal in 1975, the choreography was like a punch in the gut. In 2023, the ‘African’ version of The Rite in Spring [...] in The Hague’s Amare theatre has a similar, almost unbearable power.
- Francine van der Wiel voor NRC, ****

Twelve technicians armed with ten rakes, two brooms and two bright red snow shovels create a smooth layer of peat on the floor, forming a precisely designed pattern for 36 dancers drawn from fourteen African countries. To the vigorously pulsating sounds of Igor Stravinsky’s famous composition, Le sacre du printemps (1913), the dancers exert themselves to the utmost for 35 minutes non-stop. In the choreography by dance legend Pina Bausch (1940-2009) they stride, run, leap, fall and circle around on the loose surface covering
- Annette Embrechts voor de Volkskrant

When, at the end of The Rite of Spring, the 36 dancers from fourteen African countries receive the audience’s applause – still panting and transpiring – the audience jumps to their feet for a standing, cheering ovation. It is the inevitable release of pent-up energy, aroused by Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps, which simply had to burst forth after seeing such a magical performance.
- Alexander Hiskemuller voor Trouw, ****

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