Skid by Damien Jalet & Wild Poetry by Hofesh Shechter

GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Wed 29 May - Fri 31 May
Wed 29 May ’24
Fri 31 May ’24
  • Wed 29 May ’24
    19:45 - 22:00
    Danstheater, Den Haag
  • Thu 30 May ’24
    19:45 - 22:00
    Danstheater, Den Haag
  • Fri 31 May ’24
    19:45 - 22:00
    Danstheater, Den Haag

The captivating GöteborgsOperans Danskompani is one of Europe's most innovative and dynamic contemporary dance companies. Presenting a compelling double bill, the company showcases their acclaimed piece Skid, choreographed by the French/Belgian virtuoso Damien Jalet, alongside a new creation by none other than Hofesh Shechter.

Filmhuis Den Haag shows two dance movies in the context of SKID:
Saturday 25 May: Mist, a film by NDT
Sunday 26 May: Encore

About SKID

Skid, set on a dance floor tilted at a daring 34° angle, pushes the boundaries of the dancers, defying the constraints of gravity. The outcome is a series of spine-chilling scenarios, powerful visuals, and unexpectedly poignant moments.

Renowned for making bold and unexpected artistic choices, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani is a trailblazing force in contemporary dance, embodying the beauty, challenges, and unpredictability of life itself. As one of Europe's premier contemporary dance companies, the ensemble, comprising 38 dancers from over 20 countries, contributes to the group's distinctive artistry. Collaborating with world-class choreographers like Hofesh Shechter, the company continuously produces groundbreaking and revolutionary works.

About Wild poetry

Shechter is a rock star in the world of dance. His work blurs the border between parody and sincerity. Whether as a phantasmagorical collective or individual stars, the dancers are in perpetual motion, transforming the experience through novel expressions, like a boiling ocean from which new images rise to the surface. The effect is intense, surprising, and sometimes even meditative. Hofesh Shechter creates his own atmospheric compositions to accompany his explosive physical style.

Press quotes
“A wonderful choreography that pulsates with playfulness and curiosity.” Göteborgs-Posten

“Within the space of ten minutes, we are all absorbed by the organism that the dancers and the choreographer create. Every single individual in the room knows exactly what is going on, on an intuitive level.” Aftonbladet

“...what Hofesh Shechter and his incomparable dancers do is not only world-class. It’s an illustration of art's power and ability to truly enrich people.” Aftonbladet

“For once, the cliché proves true that dance is something that doesn't need to be understood but is best approached by feeling” Aftonbladet

“... there are solos, smaller groupings and the entire ensemble in dense scenes, a flow with lots of movement that never feels overloaded, but only organically emerging.” Göteborgs-Posten

“A choreography that makes great demands on the dancers who, within the strict framework, have a small but significant space to add details. Which gives life and creates a tangible presence in every part of 'Wild poetry'” Svenska Dagbladet


With FIND, Amare, Holland Dance Festival and Nederlands Dans Theater join forces to bring high-profile international dance productions to The Hague and to further profile The Hague as the dance city of the Netherlands.


Free introduction
On May 29 and 30 at 19:00 there is a free introduction by Volkskrant-journalist Annette Embrechts (in Dutch). The introduction takes place in the Swing on May 29 and the Spinoza Foyer on May 30 and is freely accessible as long as there are seats available.

Please note there is no introduction on May 31.

On May 29 and 31, an interview takes places after the performance with Katrin Hall, artistic director of GöteborgsOperans Danskompani and a few dancers. They are interviewed by Annette Embrechts (English sproken).

The aftertalk takes place in the Swing on May 29 and the Spinoza Foyer on May 31.
Please note there is no aftertalk on May 30.

Cloakroom and drink  
Cloakroom and an intermission drink are included. If the event does not have an intermission, you will receive the drink afterwards.  

Houders van een Ooievaarspas krijgen 50% korting op de toegangsprijs van dit evenement. Om te boeken dienen wij de pas te registeren. Neem daarom contact op met ons bespreekbureau om kaarten te reserveren.



Choreography Damien Jalet
Assistant choreographer Aimilios Arapoglou
Music Christian Fennesz
Additional music Marihiko Hara
Set Design Jim Hodges and Carlos Marques da Cruz
Costume Design Jean-Paul Lespagnard
Lighting Design Joakim Brink

Dancers 17
Length 45 min

World premiere 7 November 2017, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani
Created in collaboration with the dancers from GöteborgsOperans Danskompani.

Wild Poetry

Choreography, composer: Hofesh Shechter
Costume design: Osnat Kelner Kedem
Lighting design: Tom Visser
Assistent Lighting Design: Doef Beernink
Assistent choreographer: Kim Kohlmann
Associate artistic director Hofesh Shechter Company: Bruno Guillore

Featuring music from other artists

Running time  45 minutes
Dancers 16

World premiere 3 November 2023 at the Göteborg Opera.

Katrín Hall, Artistic Director, GöteborgsOperans Danskompani