Puccini - Le Villi

Opera Zuid
Tue 10 Jun / 19:45
Tue 10 Jun ’25
  • Tue 10 Jun ’25

Le Villi is an unforgettable dance opera full of passion, love and mystery. It opens up a world where the present and the past meet and where broken hearts are avenged. Le Villi was Puccini’s first opera, laying the foundation for his later oeuvre in which human emotions are always at the centre. 


Giacomo Puccini Le Villi

He drew inspiration for Le Villi from the age-old Central European myths about ‘Vilas’: the ghosts of young women who died of a broken heart. These myths had previously served as source for the world-famous ballet Giselle. The Dutch composer Karmit Fadael composed a prelude for Opera Zuid’s production, Animus, on the theme of the dark forest as a metaphor for losing one’s way in life.  

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"Anna and Roberto celebrate their engagement, but then he must travel to the city to collect an inheritance. ‘Non ti scordar di me!’ Don’t forget me! the young Anna calls out as Roberto leaves, fearing that he might not return from his journey. But Roberto assures her that he will return, after which they will be married. Winter sets in and Anna can no longer bear waiting for Roberto, and she dies of a broken heart. On his return journey, not knowing that Anna has died, Roberto is seduced. Following his home-coming, the ghost of Anna appears before him. She has become a Vila. Roberto begs for forgiveness, but in vain: Anna is determined to take revenge by making him dance until death. Let this opera immerse you in a world where love and loss are entwined in an enchanting combination of music, drama and dance.”

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Surtitles in Dutch and English


Karel Deseure muzikale leiding

Sílvia Sequiera Anna
Denzil Delaere Roberto
Ivan Thirion Gugliemo

Dreya Weber regie & choreografie
Bretta Gerecke decor- & lichtontwerp
Marrit van der Burgt kostuumontwerp
Joep Hupperetz dramaturgie