Would you like to shine on the Amare stage?

You too can participate in the city projects organised under the banner of Wij Den Haag. See below which projects are available and register today!

Instinctive Neighbourhood (dance)
Do you live in the neighbourhoods of Rivierenbuurt, Spuikwartier, Stationsbuurt, or nearby Amare? And would you like to get to know yourself and other people, your neighbourhood and your world, in an exciting and beautiful manner? For the project Instinctive Neighbourhood, choreographer Guilherme Miotto (Corpo Máquina) invites a group of residents of various ages (18+) to participate in a dance workshop. Register before 27 September. For more information go to: amare.nl/instinctive

Workout Union (dance)
Kluster5 and De Dutch Don’t Dance Division have joined forces to develop a workout for enthusiasts in the Segbroek neighbourhood.  The ensemble will give a live rendition of the energetic and physically draining Workers Union, by the great Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. Two composition students of the Royal Conservatoire, Amarante Nat and Maarten Bauer, composed the warming-up and cooling-down, specifically for this project. The workout will be presented twice: on Saturday 6 November 2021 in park De Verademing in Segbroek, and on Saturday 20 November on Spuiplein (outdoors) in front of Amare.

Warriors Foot (school classes)
School classes can participate in the Warriors Foot workshop series with Corpo Máquina and El Jackson Education. The school class will work with Nasser El Jackson during 3 sessions of 2.5 hours, each to create a 30-minute performance that combines football with choreography. The show will be performed both at the participating schools and at Amare. Schools can register by sending an email to marloes.vandenberg@amare.nl

Parade to Amare (orchestras) 
Amare has teamed up with Blazen aan het Spui and Haagse Notuh to organise a musical Parade to Amare. On Saturday 20 November, and starting from different points in the city, a colourful parade of musicians will march toward Amare. In this large-scale participative project, some 500 musicians from the city and region will converge on and musically conquer Amare. The groups will jointly perform a composition by Sarif Tribou. Music groups can register with Elisa Kuijt, Project manager Parade to Amare: elisa.kuijt@lustr.nl.


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