Proximity Music: Visceral Acts

Part of Rewire Festival 2023 from 7-9 April

Proximity Music is a joint exhibition program initiated in 2021 by iii and Rewire, which seeks to connect music, architecture, technology, ritual, and play through physical experiences engaging with all the senses.

Stop by and discover it for yourself! From April 7-9, 2023 in Amare and surroundings during Rewire Festival. Daily from 12:00 - 20:00, free access. Some installations will remain in Amare until April 23rd as a part of Open Amare. Discover the artists and their installations below:

About Proximity Music: Visceral Acts

Proximity Music: Visceral Acts is an exhibition inviting us to engage playfully with mind and body. Presenting a diverse range of works emerging from the backdrop of a health crisis, it brings into question ideas of health and sanity. Through the lens of personal, creative if not unorthodox approaches, artists help us trace paths backwards and forwards in time, connecting with different forms of knowledge. When old habits become inadequate to deal with an era of instability, what can we learn from the creative practices of artists, which can aid us in the search for a new equilibrium?

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